Objective: Students will be able to understand why communities working together help make their individual community a better place.

Poster boards

Procedure: Students will work in 6 groups to solve problems presented to them. Each group represents the Six Nations. The teacher will give each group a paper with their problem stated. They will then talk together about how to solve the problem and come up with a way to represent what they decided to do on a poster board.

  1. First the teacher will read the book and talk about how the Six Nations coming together helped end violence and helped ensure a better community.
  2. Teacher will explain that each group has problem that they need to work together to solve. The problems will all fit together in the end so the whole community is better off.
  3. Teacher gives each group their problem, but does not tell them that they will all connect in the end, just to work together to solve them.
  4. Students will write or draw their solution on a poster board that they will share at the end.
  5. When students are finished, they will present their problems. The teacher will ask if these all sound familiar. Students will make the connection that each problem influences around problem in the community, so solving them all will help everyone else. It will make the community a better place.

Problem 1: The trees that the people use the bark from to make baskets have suddenly all disappeared. There are other trees around the area, but the bark isn’t as good for making baskets. Baskets are very important to their lifestyle. What can the people do to solve this problem?
Problem 2: Usually, the people use baskets to store and carry their food. There aren’t any baskets left to carry anything because the trees used to make them disappeared. How can the people carry and store their food now?
Problem 3: A group of people are going out on a hunt and need to bring food along with them since it might a couple of days. They usually carry their food in baskets, but since there are no baskets available, how can the people carry their food?
Problem 4: Men go out hunting for a couple of days, but find that their food has spoiled. They are too far from home to go back now. What should they do?
Problem 5: The men out hunting have been gone longer than expected. It’s getting colder and the people do not have much left to eat. What can the people do to get more food without going too far way from their village?
Problem 6: The men come back from hunting with very little. Since their food spoiled, they had to come back early. What can the people do to make sure the food won’t spoil next time?