In A New Coat for Anna, the creation of the coat was shared by many people throughout the stages of the coats creation. The labor was divided among five main people according to the five steps in creating clothing. Fill in the following chart about the Division of Labor in A New Coat for Anna. One job was done as an example for you.

The following table and questions should be created into a worksheet by the teacher, and copied for each member of his/her class.

How did this contribute to the coat?
1. Farmer

2. Spinner

3. Anna & her Mother
Dyes the Yarn
Adds color to the material
4. Weaver

5. Tailor

Was the division of labor important to the story? Explain why or why not.

What is another product that you know of that is created through the division of labor?

Class disscussion:
As a closing to this lesson, the teacher should ask how the students answered the questions and why they answered them that way. To foster learning and discussion, the teacher should think of her own answers to these questions as well so that she and the students feel that the teacher is on the same level of learning which will make them more apt to respond in discussion.