Alaska ABC Book

Charlene Keeger and Shannon Cartwright (1978) Sasquatch Books

After reading the story to the class, they will then individually sign up for a specific state (try to avoid having students pick the same state twice). The students will then make their own ABC book about that state. They will need to do research on the state and can include a characteristic for each letter of the alphabet. They will be given time to do research on the state and will utilize websites and the library.

They must include the following specific characteristics:
1. State bird
2. State flag
3. State flower
4. Date became a state
5. Two neighboring states
6. A river located in the state
7. State capital
8. Climates

The students need to draw pictures to show the characteristics listed on each page. The students obviously need to put in effort when drawing the pictures, but remind them that these pictures do not need to be too in-depth. They simply have to represent the image to the best of their ability in a clean, neat manner. When the books are finished, allow students time to share their ABC books with one another in order to help learn about the various states in our country.

Benchmark Grades 4 – 5
B: Identify the physical and human characteristics of places and regions in North America.