Objective: Through analysis and eliciting prior knowledge, students will be able to identify a major city from the past based on the characteristics from a given time period. These characteristics consist of transportation, culture (food, dress, population etc.) and landscape.

Procedure: Students will be split into groups of 4, and each group will be given a picture of major city of the United States from the early 20th century. After analyzing the characteristics of the picture and drawing upon previous knowledge, students will determine what major US city they believe is pictured in the photo. They will then explain their reasons for, and how they came to their conclusion. After each group of presents their answer, the teacher will then provide each group with the name of the city. The groups will then be given a 21st century picture of the city (same location) and compare it to the image from the past. They will write down any similarities or differences that they observe.

Assessment: After comparing the two images, students will write a short essay to explain how human modifications effect the environments; how transportation has changed and how it is still similar; and influence that the culture has had on the city.

This activity could also be used to address the history strand of the Ohio Academic Social Studies Standards.

Keywords & Concepts
  • culture
  • food
  • transportation
  • landforms
  • agriculture
  • history
  • geography
  • 20th century
  • diversity