A More Perfect Union-Reinforcing Activity

In this book, the authors cover the birth of the Constitution from the initial decision to hold the convention, through the summer meetings in Philadelphia, the ratification struggle, the first election, and the adoption of the Bill of Rights. The main focus of the book is on the decisions made about government organization. It also highlights how this organizational structure was a huge milestone and has been in use and adapted for over 200 years. A final section includes lists of the signers as well as of all those who attended; chronologies of events and the dates of ratification; and simple summaries of the Articles of the Constitution and amendments to it.

A good reinforcing activity to do along with this book can also be used as a research project. Since this book puts a lot of emphasis on the decisions that had to be made at the Convention in Philadelphia and on the delegates that attended, a great activity to do with them is a research activity on each of these delegates. (If you want to speed up this process, you can find a lot of the information yourself and simply print it all out and have your students read through it instead of having them go find all of it themselves.) Assign a group of students a delegate that attended the Convention. Have each group look up important facts such as; What did their assigned delegate believe in and what ideas did they want to bring to the table at the Convention?

After they have all their information compiled together (you can have them write a short research project or just have them take clear and legible notes), have all of the students gather in their groups around a large table and discuss issues as if they were the actual delegates at the Convention.

Grade 4
Theme: Ohio in the United States
Strand: Government
Topic: Roles and System of Government
Content Statements:
20. A constitution is a written plan for government. Democratic constitutions provide the framework for government in Ohio and the United States.
21. The Ohio Constitution and the U.S. Constitution separate the major responsibilities of government among three branches.