Letters from Felix: A Little Rabbit on a World Tour

Objectives: Students will be able to identify important facts about countries around the world and break the world into various regions.

  • Book, Letter from Felix
  • World Map
  • Computers
  • Webquest worksheet

1. Read the book Letters from Felix
2. After reading the book, go back through the book and place a pin on each place that Felix travels. On the board make a list of these places and the characteristics that go with each place.
3. Have students complete the webquest by going to: http://mset.rst2.edu/portfolios/t/timpone_e/toolsdev/felix/task.htm. Click on "Task 1-Travel with Felix." As students go through the webquest, have them fill out the attached worksheet.
4. Have students review what they filled out on their worksheet have them reflect on how they can divide up where Felix visited to different regions looking at landforms, climates, population, history, culture, and economics. What defines a region.

Other Ohio Standards:
Grade 3:
Geography Strand, Spatial Thinking and Skills
4. Physical and political maps have distinctive characteristics and purposes. Places can be located on a map by using the title, key, alphanumeric grid and cardinal directions.