1. First start by asking the students questions just be viewing the cover of the book and see what the students believe the book may be about.
  2. Read the book to the students in the class.
  3. Guiding Questions after reading the book:
    • What are some of the ways that the culture of Paris is different from ours in the United States?
    • What are some of the challenges Atir might have experienced with different people while traveling from Egypt to Paris?
4. For the activity, the students are going to pretend that they are traveling from a certain area to another with a valuable gift that they can only walk to deliver. The students must choose a starting location and ending location. While Atir and the giraffe were traveling to Paris, they came across several artifacts and aspects of Paris’s culture that makes it different from other cultures. With that being said, the students in the class must explain the way to get to where they are delivering this gift by providing the class with a map that includes specific symbols and artifacts of that location’s culture that will help them in finding where to go.
5. The students are allowed to work with 2-3 other classmates in completing this activity. Once the students have chosen their partners and their locations of where they are delivering this present to, the students are expected to create their own map and on the map provide the various symbols and artifacts that are located along the way and as well explain the history behind those symbols or artifacts. The students must research about their two locations so they can find actual realistic symbols and artifacts of those specific locations.
6. Once they students have finished their detailed maps, they are to present them to the other students in the class so everyone can see what each group came up with.

Strand: History
Topic: Historical Thinking and Skills
Content Statement: Change over time can be shown with artifacts, maps and photographs.

Keywords/Key Concepts
Culture, history, geography, human interactions, travel, transportation, primary sources, secondary sources, map, traditions, language, resources, places, environments, Paris, Mary Tavener Holmes, John Harris, Jon Cannell, giraffe, illustration