Objective: Students will be able to identify and reflect on what responsibilities they have for personal accountability by playing the friend or foe game.

  • Book A Day’s Work
  • Friend or Foe Cards for each student

1. Read the book A Day’s Work.

2. Friend or Foe Game
·The starting round has a specified number of points, 100, but after that, the total of each player’s points is that round’s worth. For example, if one student has 100 points and another player has 50 points, that round is worth 150 points.
·Each player must secretly choose to use their friend or foe card. He or she must secretly take out that card at the same time as their opponents. Players reveal their answers at the same time.
·If both players choose friend, then they split the points and they both move onto the next round. If one chooses friend and the other chooses foe, the player who chose foe gets all of the points and moves onto the next round, and the player who chose friend gets no points and is out of the game. If both players choose foe, neither gets the points and they are both out of the game.
·The winner is either the last person standing, or the person with the highest amount of points after a predetermined number of rounds (tie breakers can be done as well). If there is an odd number of students one round, someone may have to sit out a round or the person with the lowest points could be disqualified.

Procedures of the game:
·Pair up students.
·The first round is worth 100 points.
·After each round, you may change partners, let students choose new partners, or let students keep their partners.

3. Game Reflection
When the game is finished, write or discuss the answers to the following questions:
1. Which answer set (friend-friend, friend-foe, foe-foe) is most fair? Why?
2. What is your personal responsibilities during this game with respect to others?
3. How would you answer if Francisco’s Grandfather were your opponent? Why? How do you think he would answer?
4. How would you want the president of your country to answer if he was playing against the country as a whole? Why?

Other Ohio Academic Social Studies Standards:
Grade 2
Economic Strand, Financial Literacy
17. People earn income by working.